Selling a Mobile Home

Just as you would intricately inspect a home you were considering purchasing, other buyers are doing the same. It is important that you prepare your home to look its best for future buyers by keeping in mind the following tips:

  • Keep all bathrooms clean and organized, add small touches like fresh towels and color coordination when possible

  • Remove unnecessary clutter and arrange furniture in a way that makes your home look as large as possible

  • Replace dimmed light bulbs, keep curtains and drapes open and try to enhance the brightness wherever possible

  • Keep your lawn tidy. Considering pressure washing to up the curb appeal of your property

Selling a home is a commitment that the owner makes to keep their property neat and tidy Proper upkeep allows for short notice showings and can go a long way in getting your property sold quickly.


There are several potential mistakes that can easily be avoided when selling your home. Our agents are trained to know how to avoid these potential pitfalls, which include:

  • Overpricing, either buy listing too high initially and later coming down to market price, or keeping an overpriced home on the market too long without drawing any serious interest

  • Failing to respond to offers in a timely manner. Buyers look at several homes throughout their search. Keeping a potential buyer waiting on their extended offer only allows more time for them to find something else.

Other things to keep in mind when it comes to showing your home are the importance of using light, both natural and electrical, to your advantage. Aim for bright, open spaces. Keep your home smelling fresh and clean. A bad smell could deter buyers from an otherwise perfect home. Additionally, it is very important that no one is home when showings take place. Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves in the property. Your agent will communicate any important points that buyers expressed in showings and you can trust them to be forthcoming with everything you need to know.